Thursday, February 2, 2017

Drive - A Memoir 33rd Installment

and then the farmers will come together and set up the jackrabbit drives.”

         “Whoa, back up – trap jackrabbits?” Russ asked.

         “Okay, I have this all figured out. You know how a thousand jackrabbits destroy a farmers haystack?”

          “I've seen the ruined hay stacks, and I’ve heard the stories,” Russ was quick to answer.

         “They eat the hay around the bottom on the stack until they have eaten into the stack a couple feet and up as high as they can reach; then, the stacks fall down and the jackrabbits eat right over the mound of fallen bails until there is only a mound of alfalfa stems left. I'm told that the jackrabbits crap and piss so much on the hay that the cattle won't eat it anymore.”

         “Right, this costs the farmers hundreds of dollars, maybe thousands. I've got it all figured out.” I was going to start explaining to Russ who was perched on the front tire, but I started to shake the steering wheel back and forth to see how long it would take before Russell got pissed at me. “First we get…”

         “HEY! Farm boy, get off my tractor.” Tex yelled as he walked up behind us. “You guys trying to steal my tractor? I'm going to skin ya’ alive and tack your sorry hides to the shed.”

         “He's only kidding,” I scrambled to the ground. “Isn't he? Only, kidding us?” When I looked over at Tex trying to decide if I should high tail it, he was chuckling and smiling at us. He was a wiry type of strong, the kind of toughness he got by riding horses most of his life, and he had a scary kind of face from being out in the sun all his life. At least, he was intimidating to me.

         “Got to go,” he said. “I'd like to stay and jaw at ya’ for a while but I have to get to the Hamer bar for the big card game. I hear Phil is going to be there, so this is going to be a good night.” With that he reached over and messed up my hair, started his tractor, and chugged down the lane.

“I'll let you in on a secret,” I told Russ. “It was Tex that gave me the trick to my trap, but the rest of this great money making scheme is all mine.”
         Russ looked up at the sun and said, “Looks like we have about an hour before chores so let's go to the jungle behind the house.” The jungle is what we think a jungle would be having never seen a jungle. The half acre behind the old house had at one time been a garden of sorts. There was a couple of apple trees, an overgrown hedgerow of lilacs, and several berry patches, raspberry, gooseberry, blackberry and a bitter tasting red berry probably red current bushes.

500 more words tomorrow

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