Sunday, May 21, 2017

250 more words tomorrow

few hours until a doctor came in.”

Are you the folks from Hamer?” the doc asked. We nodded. “The patient is awake and asking for you. Before you go in, he may be a little out of it. When he recovered from anesthesia, he kept demanding a lawyer.” “The doctor seemed to suggest he was more worried about a lawyer suing him than Tex’s recovery. We followed him into the intensive care room where Tex looked near death, but when he saw us, he seemed to improve a bit.”

I need a lawyer,” He wheezed.

What?” Vernon asked.

Tex took a breath and with more strength said, “I need a lawyer right now. Go get a lawyer!”

Why?” I asked, “What’s happening?”

I need to get a lawyer to write my will…”after a pause he continued, “I want to leave my farm to your boys. I want a will that states I give everything I have to Russell and Casey.”

It’s after 6:00; everything will be closed,” I told him.

Get Sinclair, he will come in for me,” Tex said forcing out the words. He looked bad again and seemed to fall asleep.

Okay, we’ll try to get Sinclair,” Vernon said. Tex didn’t respond and after a few minutes we left. We called Sinclair’s office and of course there was no answer, but he had a recorded voice saying he was out of town. We couldn’t contact any other lawyer in the night. We went back to the hospital early in the morning. The hospital told us Tex had died and wanted us to fill out paperwork for him. They wanted to know about next of kin because they wanted to know about their payment. What could we do? We told them about his family. It was the right thing to do.

Chapter 34
The next couple of weeks went by. We found out Tex’s bunch had blown into town with a team of lawyers. They had him buried in a pauper’s grave without even a funeral service. They took control of his farm and immediately sold the farm to Rene. The whole process took a few days for the greedy bastards to finish their wicked work and fly back to Texas.

Tex’s worst nightmares came true,” I said sadly. “He told us this would happen and it did! Exactly like he said it would. Rene got a farm that he lied and cheated to get, and then got another farm by the death of a good man.”

The rich get richer!” Russ said morosely, “The good die and evil lives forever!”

I don't know how I would have reacted or even how it would change me to have something material (money) handed to me. I have always had to work for what I got and working for money and things makes them more valuable. Maybe if someone handed us something 'not material'
250 more words tomorrow and the end

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