Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Drive - A Memoir 60th Installment

theory of everything as he was doing the work, and he would explain a lot of other relative knowledge to boot. This hands on, learning by doing, and learning by watching, is the schooling most people never have. Vern would say, “You buy them books and buy them books; all they do is eat the covers. People out of college are ‘educated fools’ that can’t do anything!” It was our belief that he could do anything, and we were learning from the master. Years earlier when he grew potatoes, he had invented and built a potato combine before they were manufactured commercially.

One time I was goofing around close by when Tommy was at the farm helping work on the wood splitter. I always hung around these two guys because I loved to watch them work and listen to them discuss what would work and what wouldn’t work.

I understand, talking to Barney, that your potato harvester was in use long before the ‘Spudnik’ company rolled out theirs,” Tommy said to Vernon.

The potato harvester I made was a little different. The digger didn’t have huge fans blowing dirt and vines all over the workers. I think my harvester had a better way of separating the vines and debris from the potatoes than theirs could.”

How’d that work?” Tom asked.

I had double digging fore shares and mould boards that separated the vines from the potatoes right at ground level and pushed the vines off to the sides; the vines and most clods didn’t enter into the harvester at all. The field cleaning and sacking was easily handled by one operator.”

Okay, why didn’t you start a company and sell your potato harvesters?” Tommy added. “I would have thrown in as a partner.”

Good question,” Vernon didn’t need to think about it long. “Man is the most legalistic and dangerous living organism in the world, and I trust mother nature far more than I trust man. I would rather be a farmer in a hail storm than a businessman in a court room.”
Tommy added, “If you work hard fighting Mother Nature you can still come out okay. In a court of law, you lose if you lose, and you lose if you win!”

Vern, putting on his disgusted face like he smelled something bad, said, “Man just sues good people and lives off the sewage!” they both laughed.

This was good and strange to me. I don’t see the Old Man happy too often, this is good, and I have heard him laugh even less than I’ve seen him smile.
Tommy had come over to pick up the wood splitter he and Vern had built. They had found an older hay baler and had taken off or cut off pretty much everything except the bale chamber, the plunger and the wheels. They opened up the rear top of the chamber, and at the exit end, they  

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