Saturday, March 11, 2017

Drive - A Memoir 64th Installment

What are ya’ll doing out here abouts,” one guy drawled, definitely from the deep South.

What’s it to you?” one of our guys challenged.

Nothing ya’ll, just asking,” the other guy double drawled, definitely further south than the first Southerner.
Barney defused the confrontation saying, “We’re at the beginning of a jackrabbit drive. We’re going to line up and chase the jackrabbits into a pen and kill them. There are way too many jackrabbits around, and we need to get rid of some of them.”
What, ya’ll mean the cute little bunny rabbits need killing?” The other fancy said.

No, jackrabbits – you know about jackrabbits? They’re big, fast, lanky, mean and half loco.” I told them. “They’re about a foot and a half high with sharp teeth, dangerous claws, long ears and they’re NOT little cotton tails hopping down the bunny trail.”

This is when Wade sauntered over still chuckling over something, and said, “Those jackrabbits he’s talking about are the little ones. What we’re really looking for are Jack–a–lopes.”

Jack–a–lopes?” the first guy said. “I’ve heard tales bout them.”

They’re about this high,” Wade said, holding his hand level at his chest, “and they have horns and long ears. Watch out though; they’re fast, running on all four legs instead of hopping, and a little dangerous with sharp antlers. That’s why we carry such big clubs.”

We’re going with you on this drive,” the city slickers announced.

Be our guests,” invited Barney with a sweep of the hand and a bow.

The strange strangers looked around for a club of some sort. The one goon was trying to pull a thick sage brush out of the ground; really throwing his weight into it with no avail. We thought this was pretty comical because we knew a human can’t pull a sage brush out of the ground – their roots are far too deep in the ground. We also knew a sage brush is too gnarly to break off. The sage brush is desert hardened. The other knucklehead was rocking back and forth on a fence post trying to break it off, I guess.
Knock it off, you hoodlum,” Barney threatened. “Leave my fence standing. Come with me, I have some pretty big sticks in my truck.”
I noticed the jackrabbits getting thicker. They were definitely on the move, some even dashing across the highway causing some cars to slow down or swerve. “Look there, by that rock pile, the horsemen are coming,” I shouted.

Okay, let’s roll,” Barney directed. “Line up along this fence about fifty feet apart. The guys in the far end of the line sweep in behind the horses as they pass. Keep driving the jackrabbits northwest; the cowboys will ride away, and it’ll be up to you guys to push the jackrabbits. Don’t get out of line, or start fooling around or the jackrabbits will

500 more words tomorrow

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