Thursday, March 16, 2017

Drive - A Memoir 68th Installment

a payment from the mink farms.
Twenty–four thousand,” Barney announced as we were leaving. “A good number – I’ve heard of bigger drives but not many. Hopefully, this’ll help save my first crop of hay so I have enough feed for the cattle this winter.”

Chapter 16
We were really busy this summer because we were in heavy demand as hired hands all over the upper Snake River Valley from Hamer to Terreton and Medicine Lodge to Roberts. We worked farm jobs near all of these towns; but mostly we worked for Carl on his two thousand acre farm, Don’s huge dairy farm, Ted’s farm and our own farm at nights. With all that farm work, I had filled out nicely for fourteen years. What had been considered baby fat evolved into a wide–shouldered, barreled chested, muscled, tough guy. When we were working, Russ would keep up with me out of sheer determination. The word was that the Cenell boys could work as hard as any two adults, sometimes three or four adults. We were in such high demand that summer, Edith became our manager. She would take the calls, arrange our schedules, and lastly take our money (to be put in the little safe for college).
Here’s the schedule for the summer, starting with the list Edith just handed me. I’ll read what it says,” I announced to Russ.

I can read!” he retorted.

I know, but think about it. If I read it out loud, it takes one reading and one listening at the same time. If we both read it, it will take twice as long. Get it, I’m efficient if ‘nothing else.’

I vote for nothing else,” Russ held up his hand to grab the list.

Nope, no vote allowed,” I held on and shook his raised hand.

Here goes,” I began, “and I may want to editorialize. Okay, this is Monday through Saturday with Sunday off – except moving Ted’s sprinklers, our chores, Don’s dairy plus moving his sprinklers and our hay on Sunday. Well, we don’t haul hay for Carl on Sunday and that gives us a few hours during the day to go fishing or work on the Whiz Gizzy.”

5:30 am – Get up and eat breakfast. Great, we eat.”
6:00 am – Take the tractor to Ted’s sixty acres and move the four sprinkler hand lines.”
7:15 am – Milk our cows and do our chores.”
8:05 am – Milk Don’s fifty head dairy and move his two sprinkler hand lines.”
9:30 am – Go to work haying for Carl’s ranch.”
12:30 pm – Lunch at Carl’s. Great, we eat.”
1:00 pm – More haying for Carl’s ranch.”
5:00 pm – Move Ted’s four sprinkler hand lines.”
6:15 pm – Milk our cows and do our chores.”
7:10 pm – Grab a sandwich. Great, we eat.”
7:25 pm – Milk Don’s

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