Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Drive - A Memoir 78th Installment

and a jigger of gas down the carburetor.” Russ checked off. Meanwhile, I scrambled in the drivers seat and twisted the ignition. The engine turned over, fired, ran a couple revs on its own, stalled, backfired, blew a column of fire out of the carburetor and sat there smoking.

See that! It’s gonna run,” I exclaimed laughing. This struck us both funny, and we laughed until the tears rolled. I hit the starter again and with the next cranking it sprang to life! Boy was it loud! I revved the engine, my heart pounding, my grin so big my face hurt. I let off the gas, and as the engine rumbled back to an idle, the echoes and reverberation seemed to shake my innards, sending a shivering thrill all through me. There’s nothing more exciting for a fourteen–year–old than to control that much noise and power. “LET’S GO!” I screamed over the roar of the engine.

I’ll do the test drive, I’m older,” Russ shouted, trying to shove me over on the driver’s seat.
What difference does that make,” I whined.

I’m closer to getting my driver’s license, that’s why.” Russ tried to drag me out of the driver’s seat. I had my feet hooked under the clutch and brake pedals, and a very firm grip on the steering wheel. It was going to be impossible to move me out of the driver’s seat.

Driver’s License! So what! Living in this outback desert thirty–five miles from nowhere, we drive underage; we drive fast; we drive recklessly; we drive illegal vehicles; we shoot anything that dares to set foot on our land; we lie; we cheat; we steal,” I was listing everything I could think of.

Shut up, Casey. What’s your point?” Russ said clearly agitated.

We have NEVER seen a cop north of sage junction, never. The closest copper is the mostly drunk sheriff of Jefferson County from Rigby. Have you ever seen a policeman or his car in your life?” I questioned through gritted teeth.
No!” Russ said simply. “But, none the less, I’ll drive the Gizzy and test’er out.”

Okay, crap!” I let go of my grip on the wheel. “But as soon as I get older than you, I’ll never give in again,” I promised grimly.

Move over, shut up and hang on!” he shouted and took the control of our powerful, marvelous and probably deadly machine. He got on the gas quickly so the engine wouldn’t die as the idle was set too low. He shoved it in gear, tromped the throttle down, and dumped the clutch. We felt a lurch and some shaking, but we weren’t moving. I flipped round on my knees to look behind. The wheels were turning in the dirt, but the Whiz Gizzy wasn’t moving.

Ha ha, the Gizzy has been sitting so long the front wheels have sunk in the ground and the ‘front to rear

500 more words tomorrow

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