Sunday, April 9, 2017

Drive - A Memoir 90th Installment

good I didn’t want to turn around – ‘a half baked, frozen boy.’

Did anyone hear me say I WAS HUNGRY?” Neil spoke starting low and increasing volume until he shouted the last words. We took inventory of the little items we saved before – Russ had a small package of nuts, Don had a six ounce can of Vienna Sausage that contained eight fully cooked and ready to eat “Delights" that we quickly divided – nine nuts each and two little weenies. I had the crème de la crème – a still cold and damp seven ounce giant Hershey chocolate bar.

It took ninety seconds to inhale our meager dinner, and as we divided our dessert I was winging it, making up a sing–song word poem.

We need marshmallows and Graham crackers like summer days
We are in the woods with nothing and full of despair
We have the chocolate bar that is divided four ways
We could make a S’more with this chocolate square.”

Stop talking – I heard a noise,” Russ hissed. 
I stopped talking. We were dead silent as we stared out into the dark for a very long time. The trouble is, the longer you stare and listen, your senses sharpen and your imagination goes into overdrive. I was getting real nervous; we had talked about Mountain Lion and Grizzly Bear earlier that day. Was this it? Was this the end of four little boys that hiked into the mountains? Nothing. We saw nothing! We heard nothing! We were just freaking ourselves out. Well, the only way to make sure you don’t hear scary sounds in the dark forest is to make more noise in the camp. We started talking a mile a minute and quite loudly; all of us seemed to want to chase away any noise with more noise.

Should we sleep in the trees?” shouted Don.

Mountain Lions can climb!” I answered loudly.

Should we build a fort out of branches.” cried Neil.

A Grizzly could walk right through anything we could build,” I said more guarded. As it turned out we just threw the rest of our wood on the fire, went together to the dead tree and hauled back more wood. We assigned each of us with a watch schedule and to keep the fire blazing. Three of us went to sleep, soon the sentry went to sleep also, and then it was morning and Russ, Don Neil and I awoke lying by the smoldering ashes of a fire killed by the dew. We were out of food; it took us two days to hike in; we didn’t want to starve if it took two days to hike out, and we didn’t want to spend time trying to catch something to eat again. We decided to tighten our belts and hustle our way out of the mountains in one day thinking that down hill is twice as fast as up hill. We

500 more words tomorrow

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