Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Drive - A Memoir 92nd Installment

at 49/50!”

Oh, shut up. You got the 49/50 at night, spotlighting, in the winter, sitting shots, with no shot over twenty-five feet!” I retorted. “Today is open field daytime shooting; the kind of shooting that mostly requires running shots.”

I accept the challenge” Victor announced. No one spoke again for about a mile of walking. We had seen some jack rabbits while walking, even some decent shots, but with the ‘challenge,’ we all wanted to arrive at the same place, start at the same time and figure out some rules. 
I decided to ease the stress with a joke, “One day the sheriff got a call from a guy who said, ‘my friend has been shot; what should I do?’ The sheriff said “Did you check to see if he’s dead?” Then the sheriff heard a gunshot over the phone and shortly the guy’s voice saying, “He’s dead.”

Wow, I thought, tough crowd; no one laughed
Okay, let’s start at this point; here’s the rules,” Russ took charge. “We take turns, stay in a group starting oldest down. In turn, you take what you are given, easy or hard, luck of the draw. You shoot once unless there are two or more jack rabbits to shoot in your turn. No one talks or distracts the shooter in any way, and no one moves to scare the jack rabbit, Casey,” He mentioned my name because he knows me. I was thinking this would never work, anyway, because three hunters, trying for fifty jack rabbits each, would be around a hundred and fifty jack rabbits, and we weren’t going to see that many in the daytime, in the open, and in the summer. “At 3:30 this afternoon we stop, and the highest ratio wins,” Russ completed the rules.

Okay, this would work – no more fiddling around, bad jokes or complaints. This had turned out to be serious work. The first few minutes were predictable, Russ’s first shot hit a fifty foot sitter; Victor stopped a jack rabbit a little further out. My target was fairly close; thirty feet, but running slow broadside. Running straight away makes for a difficult small target, but, slow broadside is about as easy as a sitting shot. Three for three – so far so good! I was going to mentally keep score. Russ got a slow broadside floater, then Victor got a hit, and I noticed a bullet in his teeth. Strange.

My turn, good news, ‘a two-fer.’ The first jack rabbit was easy; one down, and the second bolted, but I was ready. My trusty automatic was reloaded, and I prepared to take the lead. Then the jack rabbit turned into some tall weeds and grass. I waited. Suddenly out came the jack rabbit, dead run straight away; I fired a miss. Frustration clouded good sense, and I shot again – Sadly, I was a .500 in 2 seconds. I’d hit two

500 more words tomorrow

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