Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Drive - A Memoir 96th Installment

to scramble out from under so we didn’t get chopped in half by the blade!

We were ditching under the big cottonwood tree where we built the tree house coming in fast and hit a root. The contraption threw us a few feet high before the straight iron come down on Russ’s leg a couple years ago and he was bruised, bleeding and hobbling around for a week.

The year before when we were even littler, lighter, and younger, you know ‘made of the rubber’; we hit bedrock up by the twenty-five. The ditcher threw us clear up onto the tractor. The Old Man was puttering along probably day dreaming about another way to torture us kids and suddenly he was slammed to a stop and two flaying boys come raining down on his head. Probably the only time all three of us got hurt while we were ditching. Russ and I moaning and Vern was muttering. We got down and were going in circles in the hay field – walk it off – walk it off – walk it off…

Surviving the ditcher ride was a happy accomplishment on this big and busy day. The chores were done, everybody’s cows milked, the sprinklers moved, 2,000 bales of hay hauled, some of our hay piled, and dinner enjoyed. We were whipped – tired – and in bed by ten.

Chapter 25
Russ and I started a strange relationship with Tex, out best friend, despite the fact that he was five times our age. Working on Tex’s house was the most satisfying time in my memory. We’d dug the trench for the foundation, with a deeper hole for a root cellar, a while back, and later helped put in the floor and started standing the walls. Tex’s house was a one room shack about the size of a poor man’s garage, and I used to tease him about it.

I’m a sorry old man with no one in my life except you boys, and the house we’re building is bigger than my grainy, and I lived there just fine. What would I do with two rooms, I ask you?” Tex was defending his house.

Have a bathroom for one thing!” I said. 
Why? I live alone,” he argued.

Won’t work,” Russ said. “The stink can’t be trapped in a little room.”
I’ll light matches,” Tex said and pulled out his drawings, pointing to where the toilet and shower were in a corner. There was a sink drawn next to the shower. Tex picked up a pencil and drew in a part wall between the sink and shower.

Okay, it’s a good idea. Now I have a place to put my soap dish and hang my towel. Thanks.”

Why did you say we were the only ones in your life? You play cards with Phil, Mel and Howard at the store from time to time?” I asked.

Those guys are drinking buddies not friends.
500 more words tomorrow

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