Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Drive - A Memoir 97th Installment

If I ever needed help they wouldn’t look up from the poker cards. You guys are here for me, to help when I ask. I can rely on you two boys.” Tex said with emotion. When he said ‘rely on you two boys,’ even I felt a tingle of emotion and feeling my eyes wet without pain, a rare feeling but true.

What about your neighbors? Isn’t that the code of the farmers to help each other? You pay for hired help if you have money and ask for help when you don’t.” I explained.

The neighbors want me dead,” Tex said matter of fact. “The government refuge to the west, BLM ground to the north, Rene to the east, and his fat assed son to the south. They’ve been trying to buy, cheat, steal this place for years. They’ve tried to condemn the land, have the government take my place, and then buy it from the government. Their lawyers tried to say that the land should be put to use or condemned because I wasn’t farming or grazing it. Their evil efforts didn’t work because I have the money to fight them. They try to chase or scare me off, but I know what they’re up to. They even lit the lower place on fire, I didn’t care. I just let the fire burn itself out. I will never allow my place to be deeded to that crook Rene and his inbred kin!”

You got money?” I asked. 
I have resources.” Tex smiled.

Why don’t you buy a house or a car?” I asked, even though I knew all these personal questions were going to make him self conscious. “What about family?”

Family can go to hell! Let’s take a break,” Tex said calming down. “Put that lumber down, sit and relax. I think I’ll have to stand to tell the story so I can pace back and forth and burn energy. I was born into money. My father was a rancher and an oilman in Texas. He made money with power and force, but truth be known, he was ‘crazy waiting to happen’. Everybody knew he was evil, and they all were afraid of him. I had a brother and sister, and we were frightened of him too. We got by for a while, and then mother died. I didn’t think it was a natural death, but what can you do? Father went from a drunk to a ‘bad drunk’. My sister married at the first opportunity and left home. My brother steered clear of him, but stayed around the ranch. I took the money that I had control of and what was rightfully mine and got out. I searched for the most out-of-the-way place in the USA where I could never be found – and I turned up here. I bought the land and a tractor in case I wanted to farm, put the money

500 more words tomorrow

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