Thursday, April 20, 2017

Drive - A Memoir 98th Installment

in a safe place, and took the name Tex. Just like the witness protection program, I disappeared and became someone else. The reason I live the way I do is because I like it, and I don’t like buying things because that makes it easier to them to find me.”

What if you cracked your head, got amnesia and someone had to find your family?” I asked, not knowing quite what to make of this story.

Like that’s ever going to happen,” Tex snorted. “Have you been listening? I never want contact with the hordes in Texas EVER! For any reason! Enough talk, let’s finish up here and I’ll give you guys a ride to the store on my tractor. You can walk home from there.”

Chapter 26
In late summer Edith was wondering what to with the apricots. The tree was full that year and none of us kids liked to eat them. I think their skin is fuzzy and the fuzzy texture makes me shiver. Apricot jam was out because we had loads of raspberry jam and strawberry jelly, so she decided to make apricot wine. Why not? She and Vern made and bottled homemade root beer for us kids, so she decided she’d make a beverage for the adults. The folks had a big rubber bag that was the liner in a pressure tank. The opening had a two inch cap big enough for them to fill the bag with a couple gallons of crushed apricots, water, yeast, and sugar. The Old Man drilled a hole in the cap and cemented a ¼ tube in the hole, replaced the cap and put the other end of the tube in a jar of water so air couldn’t get back in the bag. The wine making contraption started bubbling CO2 out the tube into the water right away. We were in the wine business! The warmest spot was on a shelf in the kitchen and the yeast liked it there. The warmer the yeast is, the faster it’ll grow. It took ten to fifteen days to ferment, and another week to clear. The first batch turned out okay. The wine didn’t taste great, but because the wine was homemade, they liked it.

After they’d made a couple of batches and the apricots were nearly gone, they started the last batch. The bag quite full this time and fermentation was going nicely. However, about four in the morning, they woke to a loud ‘ka-boom’ and an odd smell. When they turned on the lights to see what had happened, they were flabbergasted. The wine maker had blown up, spraying its contents all over the kitchen. The ceiling, walls, counters and appliances were drenched with oozing orange liquid. They sadly complained and cleaned until late in the morning. The counters and appliances cleaned up well, but the walls and ceiling were stained a slight shade of orange and stayed that way until they repainted the kitchen.

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